Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thank You, Japan



訳者: アーウィー、佐藤慧

Still can’t get over the fact that the tour is over. It took a lot of time for me to write this for I am still overwhelmed by the surreal experience we had during the tour. So many things to digest and learn. Too much kindness and warmth you could ever imagine finding in a foreign land far away from home.
Daighila would like to thank everyone involved in our 2015 Japan Tour. To those who helped us along the way, played with us, went to our shows, bought our merchandises, fed us, gave us shelter, showed us around and shared laughs with us, you will forever be a part of Daighila. From here on, every drip of sweat, every ounce of strength we put up on stage and every whim of sound we make will be dedicated to you guys, along with other great people we have had the honour meeting along our humbling journey as a band from a small hometown in the middle of nowhere. This has been such a fond and awe-inspiring memory. One of our best moments in life as a group and individuals. Japan was magical. It has sparked so many lights in our hearts to push further, hence we are forever grateful. We really hope to see you guys again. Take care and again from the bottom of our hearts, arigatou gozaimasu.

Japanese version by:
Awi Amery and Kei Satou of "The Act We Act."

Photo by:
Yumirin Nakamura