Daighila was formed in 2001. It all started when 5 friends from a small town called Rembau, 
Duan (vocals), Amie (guitar), Mudik (bass), Fika(drums) and Epit(guitar) decided to devote their 
life in the hardcore/punk scene and started to form a band. They recorded their first ever 
rehearsal tape and gave it to promoters, gig organizers and friends. After that, everything 
snowballed and they started to extensively play gigs all around Malaysia. After some time Fika 
left the band and Epit took over the drums. Daighila is now a four piece emo violence outfit 
from Malaysia, South East Asia, that took the foundation laid by the bands that ruled euro in 
the mid 90’s, like Fingerprint and Anomie to name a few – and put in addition of metal-driven 
guitar works and combustible drum beats with screeching voice. They play what most might call 
today as 'screamo' but it is really a blend of everything you can get in HC/punk record shop. 
Until today, they have produced a number of releases and still in the process to produce more 
releases while heavily firing arms with their music in local shows and gigs around Malaysia and 
also have toured Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.  
We are restless, noisy and angry…