Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ah Kong Fest and Static Prevails SINGAPORE!

Daighila will be playing 2 shows in Singapore this weekend. Check out the flyers and what Shai has to say below about Ah Kong Fest.

"In theory we have the backing of SAM, Singapore Biennale 2013 as a whole, even SLA and NAFA themselves have given blessing. However, right now the AEL (aka gig licence) is still not approved yet.

The Police which has the final say in all event licences are not too keen on this. I'm sweet talking the MDA (Media Development) who are consolidating this licence and surprisingly they are quite helpful. The Biennale involvement is swaying things, im trying my best. The last they called me (at about 630pm on Thursday) the Police went from a No, to agreeing if its just a jazz/chill out/acoustic party.

So here are the VERY LIKELY scenarios that are likely to happen.

1) no bands, just acoustic sets + DJ

2) acoustic sets + DJs mainly, but very limited time for all bands (by bands i mean ENAM JAHANAM, BLACK TERROR, CARDIAC NECROPSY, The BOIS, DAIGHILA, ELEGY FOR EULISZA). get ready to only play 10 minutes per band or about 4 songs!

3) gig goes on as i promised (20mins per band in the order in the list)

Of course option 3) is the best and option 1) is the most fucked but im trying my best. We can go on forever about how even with an arts fest backing things like this cannot go on, but stupid fucking events like F1 that fuck up traffic for an entire weekend (+ 72 hours of noise) can easily go on without any problems. Artists and punks in Singapore go through similar 'artistic struggles'.

To think that my main worry should actually just be the weather! Knn! Hahaha

Ok thanks all, talk soon and keep on being crazy"

- Shaiful Phrohibited Projects/Social Prison