Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Indonesian Dispatches: Daighila Rocks Out Java

some review from : Matthew Niederhauser

The sole purpose of my trip to Indonesia this past month was to tour with hardcore bands and experience the explosive DIY music scene across Java. Right now I am still shifting through thousands of photographs, so I thought I would separately introduce one of the two bands I first toured with in Jakarta, Bandung, Solo and Yogya. Daighila is a hardcore screamo band from Malaysia and kick ass. While I might not go home after a long day of work and throw on their record to relax, they put on one of the most impassioned live performances I ever witnessed. The leader singer, Duan, outstripped himself ever time he got on stage and raised the hackles on the necks of audiences across Java. It was really unbelievable to see first hand and hopefully the attached video will give you an idea of the emotional heights Daighila can reach during their shows. Even though over ten bands played at every concert, Daighila always stood out from the pack.

live video in bekasi and bandung show